Manufacturing process and materials

Metal Injection:In Anysa are involved in all phases of the injection process of our metal ornaments and trimmings. We take part from the designing of the molds, to the finishing and assembling of the final pieces. We have the most modern machinery for the injection of the of zamac, brass, aluminum, ....

Methacrylate injection:For the manufacture of trimmings and ornaments in acrylic we have a wide variety of machinery of various tonnage and capacity. We work with a wide range of plastics, but mostly in methacrylate.

Adornos textiles:En Anysa hemos incorporado a nuestro catálogo de productos una línea de adornos textiles siguiendo las tendencias más actuales del mercado.

Textile ornaments:In Anysa we have included in our product lines textile ornaments according to the latest changes in fashion trends.