Fashion, Trends and Fairs


In Anysa we are continually adapting to the latest trends in fashion and design demanded by the markets. This constant innovation is reflected in the materials used, in the finishing process, in the range of colors, etc ... that take shape in our most innovative ornaments and trimmings.


The privileged location of our company in one of the most important areas in Spain for the manufacture of footwear and leather goods, allows us to be in direct contact with our customers and with the industry.

Twice a year, coinciding with the spring-summer season and autumn-winter, our design department develops new ornaments and trimmings for the footwear, leather goods and clothing industries. These developments enable us to always be at the forefront of fashion, constantly expanding and improving our catalog.

The access to the new season products is restricted to our customers, preserving the exclusivity of our designs.

New season products